Creativity in bursts / by Simmon Li

As I've been trying to keep up with my photography, I sometimes feel guilty that I'm not shooting every day. I keep notes about my film shooting (especially), but even with my digital shoots the dates are automatically aded to the photos. Sometimes, when I'm editing or otherwise dealing with my collection it's like "oh damn, you didn't do ANYTHING for a week."

Thankfully, those moments are almost entirely self-generated. In fact, the longest stretch I went without shooting in recent memory was 6 days (barely a week), and it was during a bit of a hectic time for me, so it makes a lot of sense.

I've also discovered that I really enjoy shooting film - and I think I have daytime shooting down (at least with 400 speed film). I think my next challenges are going to be (1) shoot with a lower speed color film in daylight (maybe 200?) and try again with the night-time black and white. THe last roll came out under-exposed. But I now have a lightmeter app on my phone so I can hopefully get better with the night shooting.

Here are a few sample images straight from the scanner off my latest roll of film! West Camera does a phenominal job developing and scanning.