A warm winter / by Simmon Li

This is probably the most wildly divergent winter in a while. I mean, the weather has been inconsistent much more often this year than others. The plus? It's been much warmer than I remember January being which has been great for late night photos. But it's been a bit of a unique challenge in that I tend to only have time for that within the workweek and I don't anticipate that will change in the near term. Not that it really bothers me, as I think the more I do night photography, the more I fall in love with the urban as a subject of photography.

 I've had the opportunity now to shoot a few portraits (kinda), I find that my favorite edit experiences have been with wide a hole, urban stills. Though I think I do owe it to myself to really give the portrait thing a go as the most portrait like photos I've taken so far I did with... well, unfamiliar  gear (at best). Out of the shots I took, I had to throw out quite a bit due to hand shake. I had to up the shutter quite a bit. Luckily, that lens was a fast one! The hand shake thing... I'm kind of worried about it for my hand held film shots because I find even with the shutter action, I'm shifting quite a bit. We'll find out when the film gets developed.

 Night film photography where ai can't really read the meter. When I dive in, I guess I deep dive... 😂😂😂