Short ideas and further thoughts on R2P / by Simmon Li

State of Exception, State of Emergency, and the logic of urgency. R2P as a manifestation of the logic of urgency. R2P as a response to mass atrocity crimes could be construed as a "crisis management tool". To take a domestic parallel, riot police action, to the international: atrocity crimes police action. Rule of law vs rule of exception/emergency

R2P's relationship with development vis-a-vis logic of emergency. Is a totalizing view really all that good? Argument for: re-conceptualize the "prevent" modality (which is framed in the language of emergency- we must prevent emergency) as the development modality (language of morality - we have an obligation to develop for the sake of humanity?) Argument against: extending the logic of emergency/urgency to development would be a terrible thing (R2P's prevent modality applied wholesale to development).

Language of human security deeply linked to logic of urgency/emergency. When security is being violated, that is a serious thing (on the national terms). The idea is to replicate the same logics on the human level.