My Big Adventure in China / by Simmon Li

So I got into Beijing last night. The flights were looong though there was enough to do that I wasn't completely bored mindless. Watched a few movies, listened to music, got some reading done, and ate airline food, which is a fun story. There's something going on with my stomach, and I've discovered that I can't have dairy or soy. Smart ass me decided it would be fun to order vegetarian meals for the flights to avoid dairy. However, I forgot that almost all of the veggie stuff they'd serve would likely be based on soy. Long story short, the flights were very uncomfortable because of all the soy I had. I just sucked it up because it was a special order that I had put in.

On another note, flight attendants are hot. At least 70% of them I encountered were delicious, which is pretty good for a population number. Granted, there's sampling bias, etc. (haha).

Anyway, so I'm settling in to Beijing and I hope to write more if I do stuff worthy of writing about. For now, I've just slept one night and had some breakfast, nothing to write home about.