Nerves, or something. / by Simmon Li

So I've been managing my applications to some of the more selective Subject POSTs offered at U of T, and boy it's a new experience for me. I've never been so involved or invested in anything like this before. I mean,  sure I cared about staying in school, but it's odd now because the ante is up, and the stakes are up. I find myself looking at my A- marks and asking myself, "Is this good enough?" And of course the answer, in my own head is, "Hell no." But what is one to do? I gave a lot to my courses this year, and discovered that study groups really do help you to achieve more. Part of the problem is that the Faculty of Arts and Science hasn't yet released the final marks yet for the semester past. It doesn't help that I have basically zero patience (I reeeeally want to see my marks!). This is further compounded by the fact that I am uncertain as to all of this subject POST business. I'm hoping it will all resolve itself once I have a Bachelor of Music in Performance in my hand (and I suspect as much). But man, I feel so jittery and apprehensive because the whole process is still in the air.

The registrar people at SMC have been an immense help in this sense. They've answered questions, and helped to settle my nerves regarding my status and what my next steps are. Hope that I get into my wanted programs, and that this stuff just works out.

Once the current stuff is all resolved, I will likely have an easier time getting all my course selection stuff done.