A kind of euphoria / by Simmon Li

The past few days of my life have been flying by, but really made me stop and think about what I have. Life is good, and there are only a few things that would make it better, but of course, if I constantly focus on the things I lack, then of course life wouldn't be as fun, so it's no fun focusing on that. In the past week or so, I've decided how I want to approach some thing, clarified to myself some goals and plans about my immediate future, and wrote 2 midterms to great success. Right now, I am simply floating and enjoying what life has led me to. With reading week ahead, there are things I have to take care of that I've been putting off, but it's nothing that a little elbow grease won't fix. Let's just say this school year has been a lot more fulfilling than others in the past, and that's fantastic.