A New Saturday Morning / by Simmon Li

So, I think I'll like this new Saturday morning routine. I went down to the little vestibule of my apartment building today to find my Globe and Mail waiting for me! (Along with 3 copies of the Toronto Star which belonged to other people). Promptly went back up to my apartment, threw on a pot of coffee, got some yogourt and nutella'd bread, and got reading. While I've been doing the online news thing for a while now (HuffPost, and a spat of Canadian sites), there's nothing quite like having a physical paper in front of you, commanding your attention. The tendency for me when reading online papers is to hop around, and not really focus on the stories so much as the headlines. I find the writing online is also less substantive (perhaps a ploy to get you subscribe to either the digital or print versions?), but reading the paper today, I was throughly impressed. The big change is that the physical object demands your attention like no website can, and it's a very refreshing experience.