Watching A Climate Change Denying Documentary / by Simmon Li

Now get this. A lot of what they're saying makes sense. It's all very clever though, this documentary is talking about anthropomorphic climate change. That is to say, they specifically talking about "man-made" climate change. You know, our thing against oil and CO2 and stuff. They're talking about DDT right now, and how it helped to spike levels of malaria infection after the use of DDT was banned. Well, yes. If you take a toxic chemical out of the environment, all life forms will again be able to live a full life. They are using the same argument that climate crazies use. "This one thing happened, and then this happened, so you know, it must be the cause." The whole idea of causation implying causality.

I think I may re-watch this and write a critique of it. Anyway the most striking thing about the documentary is that a lot of the people are thinking with-in the system. They argue that the world has recently started a cooling trend, and that these levels of climate are well within normal Milankovich cycles. For example, the argument on DDT so far is that the removal of the DDT from third-world farming meant that mosquitoes were able to mate more and thus increase the prevalence of such a disease. The argument itself is absurd, but there's a few holes in the logic if you ask me. The core of the program of use for DDT is an interesting system in and of itself. It produces a cycle of dependence on Western conglomerates. Now, I know malaria is a problem, and it's a huge issue that needs to be solved, I am not denying that malaria is an issue in developing worlds (especially on the African continent). This guy Don Roberts who they interview says "Now people against DDT, I have to suspect they have an agenda that is separate from controlling malaria." I chuckled when I heard this, because I feel as though it is the DDT pushing that has an agenda. DDT isn't a cure to malaria, malarial medicines are. That is a major leap in logic if you ask me. If you didn't know better, judging from this quote, you'd probably think DDT was an anti-malarial medicine!