Isn't it funny? / by Simmon Li

I've been really excited for school lately, and I find that the more I have my life together, the more I actually have to use a calendar to make sure all my stuff is not going to conflict. I've always heard people say "Oh man, I couldn't live without my calendar" and thought to myself "Really? I can." But now I know why. Busy people don't have time to remember all the stuff they have to do, and so it follows that writing it down means that they don't have to devote mental capacity to remember things they have to do. I don't think I'll ever need a book, seeing as I'm pretty good with Google Calendar, but I've found that I need to use it more and more to remember things. Anyway, I feel great right now. School's on the right track, I'm on the verge of getting a degree, and starting my second one, I have a job for this year, I've got a plan for the next few years, and a broad framework for those that follow. I'm no longer the lost, wandering graduate I always feared I would become.  I have to say, it feels fantastic to have this drive and direction in life.