Prop 8 Discussion / by Simmon Li

I'm watching CNN, and this woman, Wendy Wright is on. She's from the organization "Concerned Women of America" and basically she's against the over-turning of Prop 8. Her argument, from what I caught, was that men and women are different, and each are unique in the development of the children. Her angle was more or less "think of the children". I was thinking to myself as she was saying that it's discriminatory against men or women to think that a gay couple can do a comparable job raising children. I was baffled because I kept thinking to myself "Instead of making a big stink about gay marriage, why not just tackle the issue of healthy marriages?" Now, I was thinking about how divorce rates actually are, and a little poking around the US census site gave the divorce rate in 2008 at 10.8%  (( Then I thought, I wonder if these stats include gay marriage. Now, I am curious. I still think overturning Prop 8 is a good thing, but wouldn't it be much better if we just concentrated on making sure people stay happy, so that our children stand a chance? There's some study that CNN did a news story on that stated that kids of lesbian couples have less behavioral problems. (( Now, I'm not absolutely convinced, but in my head it does make some sense. Generally, they are liberals. Liberals tend to have open minds about how to discipline and grow with their kids (at least, that's my personal experience), and it would make sense that people that are more open to different methods would use them to the best of their ability. Of course, there are bad apples, and I don't claim that all liberal parents are good ones. This whole discussion makes me think that people simply pull up the kids argument to appeal to the conservative people in the crowd. "Those gays, they'll corrupt our children!"

"Those women, working? It'll corrupt our children!"

"Free blacks? That'll corrupt our children!"

Now, I'm not claiming that since the end of slavery, or universal suffrage that things have been hunky dory, but I think those things have really helped us move forward as a people.  The tyranny of the majority is something we really have to be vigil about, and I'm glad the judge saw it very logically.