Thank you for taking my call. / by Simmon Li

For quality assurance, this call is being recorded.

So, I've finished my first week as an outbound call center agent. Boy, that stuff really takes it out of you. You try to be nice, and for the most part it works out. There are a few people that don't really get it, some get annoyed but tolerate you, and others just lose it. Honestly, as a telemarketer, I find people that lose it on the phone pretty funny. I'm calling you, you have the power to just hang up, why let me upset you to that point? And before I move on, my many many thanks to the people that understand, sometimes a job is a job, and you gotta do what you gotta do. I find that the people that kind of understand and tend to at least set you down gently are professionals themselves that understand what professional manner is all about. Cheers you to all!

Anyway, the job's a lot of fun, and I've been finding out about the competitive side in me. I've kinda been totally all over trying to stomp all the other new hires in sales. The people are nice, and we keep each other entertained. I think it'll be fun, as long as the people remain interesting.  Tuesday will be fun, hope for a lot of calls so we're not sitting around waiting for calls.