The sweeping boredom / by Simmon Li

So, summer is here. Usually I'd be pretty happy about time off from the grind, but this summer's start has been particularly taxing. I am no longer going back to school in September. I'm finishing the 0.5 credits I need for my degree this summer, and I really don't know where to go from here. I really really want to do law school, but I am completely distracted by my lack of funds. I asked Dan about the LSAT prep course he's taking. It's 1,400 for 3 months. I mean, if I had that kind of money I wouldn't even take time off and get a job, but the fact is, I have to pay my student loan off. It's just a little stressful. I have about a year's worth of job experience for what I want to be working in, but I don't really feel comfortable putting stuff on my resume I know I haven't done very much. For example, I actually downloaded the free version of QuickBooks and fiddled around in it for a good hour, so I can put on my resume now that I know how to do the most basic tasks in Quickbooks. Accounts payable, that kind of stuff. The program itself is pretty slick, but we just used spreadsheets. I've signed up with YES, and I've applied for a few internships through the government, and I hope those come through for me. I think it's a little crazy that there are business admin courses and diplomas available. I was able to pick up everything I needed to know in a month, just by the virtue of having to do it. It really sucks to not get call backs, but I can understand why I don't get called back most of the time. My experience as an admin or office assistant is really limited (a year's worth), and while I did a good job (Doreen loved me), there are some skills that I didn't really pick up that I know would be an asset to have. In any case, I hint on every cover letter I write that I am a quick learner, and I know that I am. I think my problem is that I lack confidence in my own skills, so I tend to under-write them on my resume.

I don't know, I'm not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I'm a pretty bright and savvy guy that's up for any challenge. I can do this, and so I shall.