March 2010 - Reading List / by Simmon Li

Picked up two books this week. The End of Energy Obesity, Breaking today's energy addiction for a prosperous and secure tomorrow - Peter Tertzakian with Keith Hollihan

Jihad vs McWold, Terrorism's challenge to democracy - Benjamin R. Barber

Jihad is more about globalization and how global culture clashes with older cultures in other countries.

Energy Obesity is the one I want to read first, it's on the matter of energy security, and of course, energy conservation and efficiency. I find the topic of security an interesting one. I was wanting to find some books on energy, food, and water security. It's an interesting concept to think about, in about 50 years, what kinds of things will these issues justify? How will these security pressures affect global politics? I mean, you think about all these people dreaming up situations as we approach "peak oil". It's interesting to think about water and food in that manner too. Of course, I think we'll always have ways to get fresh water (apart from wrecking water tables), but the big one is food. Anyway, interesting topics.

I'm really looking forward to reading these two books! (If my school work will allow anyway :P).