Philadelphia, Brotherly Love? / by Simmon Li

So I'm back from Philly. It was a good experience. Made a few friends, and it was an absolutely fantastic trip. The music

The music was so great. I mean, in performance, there are always things that can be better. The program itself was wonderful. Without getting into the philosophical, political, and emotional implications of the pieces we made, the music itself was just very good. The two Imant movements from Cantata of Life were AMAZING. The Choral especially was emotionally connected, sung beautifully, and was very moving.

The friends

It was great to meet some new people. I really enjoyed hanging out with people that I don't normally get time to hang out with. Just a very fun experience that the 7 of us share. It's not like being on the bus where you're in little isolated bubbles of people. I was really happy that we ended up making it through the storm, as we ended up getting to know everyone.

The stories

Needless to say, a lot of hilarious stories came out of this trip. The McNugget nabber, me falling on my ass about 3 times, and plenty other precious moments. It was a very good time.

Thanks MacMillan Singers!