Explosive Agenda / by Simmon Li

These are the things I need to get done:

  1. Pol 103 paper (due March 9th)
  2. Recital material (rehearsals start in March) - Plan rehearsal schedule
  3. HMU226 Paper (due March 30th)
  4. CSC207 Java Project (due ??)
  5. VJE Concert (Mar 20th?)
  6. MS Bach B Minor (April)
  7. Jazz Comp Final Composition (Late March)

I have a lot of things to accomplish. The two papers alone are pretty heft. The pol103 one is to be 2.8k words, and the HMU226 one is to be 3k. Those two alone are going to be a really hefty commitment of time, not to mention I have a full 90 min recital to prepare for. The CSC207 Java project is quite a huge demand on my time as well (seeing as Java isn't quite my thing). The B Minor Mass I can read, but the VJE concert is something I do have to put time into; and then there's Phil's composition, which is a pretty hefty project in and of itself.