The Apple iPad / by Simmon Li

Why? It's an over-sized iPhone for more money, and well, quite frankly, it doesn't strike me as all that innovative. The only thing that it would do (imo) than other products haven't really capitalized well is getting content companies to actually embrace the e-book and e-magazine business model over printed media. Let me clarify, I think physically as a device, it's more of the same Apple design, which is not that innovative. The exciting part (which I think Apple can leverage audience like no other device) is what it all means for print and e-media. And even then, other devices were starting to shake and move. I think the iPad will be a catalyst to what's already been happening, so again, not that innovative in the end, just the ability to leverage a larger audience, forcing change.

Does anyone else see anything that's impressive about this product? I mean, it's something from Apple, that's the only special thing I can see about it.