Divisive Politics In America / by Simmon Li

From the outside looking in, it seems to me that the political rhetoric in the American mainstream is very divisive. To be fair, I am bias for the Democratic party. In my opinion, they have better policy goals for America than the Republican party does. On the major issue of health care reform, it seems to me that the Democratic party has solutions, and are willing to compromise to accommodate the right, but the Republicans really have no real solutions to bring to the table. But that's not what the scary part of the whole thing is. On top of having no real solutions, it seems to me that the Republican party, above all, is just interested in getting in the way of actual politics. D-Rep Alan Grayson said it best: the Republicans could follow, lead, or get out of the way. It's very nice to see someone from the Democratic party go after the wild rhetoric, but I think it can turn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Above all else, I don't think the American people need the divisive rhetoric. Some of the stuff that is being passed back and fourth is really kind of disturbing if you ask me. If the Americans are really worried about terrorism, domestic or foreign, they ought to consider the concept of "divide and conquer" and what it really means for them. There are some Republican representatives of government trying to incite rage and other acts of violence against the state. While I understand that the right of the people to over-throw the government if it has become tyrannical is very important (not only in just the USA, but also in other countries, such as Canada), I don't think it is right for agents of the state to encourage people to rise up against a government that, quite frankly, is doing as well as any other. In face, given the state of global relations, the United States is doing very well. Definitely getting back on track after the rough Bush years. I think it would be very easy for an organization like Al-Queda to take advantage of the politically charged landscape to try and do something that would ultimately end up hurting America.

A quick survey of the American political scene right now seems to me to reveal a lot of slander and lies coming out of the right, with the left kind of just taking it, so as to not incite more rhetoric. I think it's a real shame that the American right has slipped so far into the crazy. I just don't think a scattered right gives American citizens a fair chance at democracy. Regardless of which side you're on in the political spectrum, I think it's important to keep in mind that they're all a part of the same country. The Republicans need to huddle and figure out what they want to do, because right now, a lot of irresponsible language is hurting the party's reputation.