Getting up early / by Simmon Li

I am on the fence about this getting up early thing. Really nice to be up early, going to make breakfast. Will be back later to talk about why I got up 3 hours before I have to leave for classes. [edit]

So, I have decided. I took all day to debate this. I like waking up early because it means I am much more energized for my morning classes. I like being able to take a slightly longer shower, and I like that I have time to read the news, check the weather, and actually have breakfast. I also like to look at the sky while the sun is rising, it looks pretty. What I think I don't like about getting up early is just the actual getting out of the warmth of my blanket part. Once that's done, I get to hop in the shower though, so it's not too bad I guess if I look at it like that. As long as I sleep earlier (ie, before 2am), I don't really feel groggy or anything in the morning.