The Rhythm of Life / by Simmon Li

Well, here we are, doing the things that make us who we are. Got some stuff to do, but it shouldn't be too hard. It is now March the 8th, and it's funny how things work out. Let's recap my weekend so far. Quite a number of things happened. Friday, I remembered quite suddenly that my aunt was coming back from Beijing. That was a scamble to get to the airport, but luckly I was able to get there on time. We spent time with the family, and it was good. There are more to do today, but I had to come home last night because I have some stuff to finish up. Anyway, I was thinking about family and how it all comes together and thought I'd mention that. I know my aunt wants my mom to move to Beijing with her to help her manage things, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. In fact, I've been asked to go as well this summer to see things. We'll see how it goes.

The next big of news I would like to report is that I have finally finished 1 chart for the recital. It's probably one of the more involved ones in terms of arrangement, but it's just a simple ballad melody/bg type deal with two horns. I think we'll feel out the rest of the form in rehearsal, I'm not really happy with the ending the way I've got it, but I think we can sort it out.

Finally, I was unable to attend MDHS's Third Stream rehearsathon because of this whole family thing, which kind of sucks, because I wanted to go hear them. I hope they do well!