Reading Week / by Simmon Li

So, I just got home from going to help out at an MDHS Chamber Choir rehearsal. It was fun, we did a clinic with the guys, and they were sounding a lot stronger. They sounded great too! It was really an experience, and memory jogger. I really miss being in that environment. You do music for a life, and sometimes you lose sight of why you do it. I'm really glad I came and shared those wonderful moments with everyone.After all the fun and games, we (me, Ivan, Eric, Rose, Tracy and Mrs C.) sat around for a bit and sang some tunes. In Remembrance and Esto Les Digo. It was amazing. Amazing. So amazing in fact, that we decided that we'd do another choir nerd out some time in May-ish. I hope it happens! I'm such a choir dork, I know. Leave me alone. Anyway, on top of singing some of my favorite tunes, it was really nice to see everyone again. It's nice to catch up and just see where everyone's at and how they've progressed.

Anyway, that's it for now. See you later, blog.