Life, and all its glory / by Simmon Li

Life has been nice to me. School's been going, though I don't feel like I've fallen behind yet. I just have to make sure I don't slack on reading week. In terms of everything else though, things have been fun. On Friday night, we (as in VJE) did a nice little masterclass with a high school jazz choir, and it was a really awesome experience. I can tell that we had an impact on them. It wasn't even that they sounded bad when they got there, but just maybe had a confidence issue or something. I'm not even sure, anyway we worked with them on the acap tune a little (Pure Imagination, that we did the year before) and they sounded a lot better. It wasn't even anything huge, I don't think it was anyway. We went over some notes, some rhythms, but most of all we talked about vowel shape and where to place the tones. I mean I guess because I've been doing this for a while, I sort of know how it goes, but maaaaan they sounded good!

After that, it got a little interesting. I mean it was a good time, but sort of weird at the same time. Me, Barb, Richard and Gabrielle went to Gabby's with Lisa. Was kind of odd because the 4 of us students didn't really hang out together all that much, on top of the fact that Lisa was there too. Anyway, so we just did it and it was a good time. We had like, I think 4 pitchers between all of us.

The weekend was kind of bleh, I mean I went to the Duke on Saturday to partake in celebrations with Ian, who had just finished his recital (speaking of which, mine is coming up some time!). Then me and Barb somehow in unison decided that we'd skip the waffles on Sunday and do it another time.

That brings us to today, Monday February 9th. School day, but very enjoyable. Vocal Jazz was fun, and I think having that out of class connection with more people in it made it more enjoyable. After that, I had a lesson with Terry about my big band chart and I think I've finally settled on a concept for the damn thing. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited about it, and I wrote a whole bunch of stuff, but I don't think I was quite happy with it until today. The crappy part is that I'll have to basically rewrite a lot of it because I wrote the original bits thinking it was going to be a swinger.

I've got a show tonight to do at 7, so I'm out of here in a bit. The week will go by pretty quickly I think, but reading week is going to be very key. Waste any time, and I'm pretty well toast.

T'was nice checking in with you, blog. I wonder if anyone reads this.