Government of Canada / by Simmon Li

O, Canada. Our home and native land... how I love thee. I love it when our government is working for us citizens. So the Liberals and NDP want to form a coalition. The government... work for us, you see.

Now, it should be stated that I did not vote for the Cons, but I think that this move was really dirty. I understand that cutting back on expenses is important, but I don't think this was a good first way to go about it. Symbolically, it just looked like he was trying to bankrupt the other parties, and really it wouldn't have gotten that much done. I'm sure there are better ways to cut back spending. (Not to say that the other parties are doing a wonderful job.) Anyway, I'm glad he's realized how dumb that part of the motion is, and I hope the government can actually start working for us. You know, for real this time. :P