Climate Change Framing / by Simmon Li

While the climate change skeptics have a much more visceral rhetoric, it is clear that science is on the right side. But regardless of what science has to say (as we see time and time again) it's the emotional appeals that win the day. "TAXES! WE DON'T NEED MORE OF THOSE!" The refrain wins, because it appeals to people's selfishness (this is another can of worms, but for another time). So is it possible to find another framing for climate change? Maybe we should admit that nothing is 100% certain. While many would consider this political suicide by someone who supports public policy to address the very real threats of climate change, I think it allows for a pivot into the emotional in a positive way. Let me explain.

If we start to approach the question as one of intergenerational value, I think it will win. Sure, we're not 100% sure climate change is happening. We're about 99% sure. And if we're wrong? Well, wouldn't you like to see your kids live in a world that was less polluted? Wouldn't you like to make sure that your children can enjoy the environment that you enjoy now? The bottom line is, it's going to cost us some money now to pass on a better world to our children.. Whether that's making electric cars the new norm, or making solar energy better, cheaper, and more reliable, don't you think it would be a better world for our children not to have to worry about whe