February/March 2017 / by Simmon Li

 Picture by me!

Picture by me!

Another change on this site... I think I'm going to focus on the photo thing cause I'm really enjoying it. So much that I've got less time to scouer all the places I usually do to get new music... so starting now I'm combining my playlists and doing it every other month. Easier for me to manage and easier for those following along, I think!

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Here are the highlights from this month's list. If you have time, give the whole list a listen, and hopefully you'll find more songs you like!

  • Shawondasee - Gems of Pure Light - Right from the opening through to the first verse, the aesthetic of this tune grabs me and just doesn't let go. I love the swelling background synths, it really draws my attention and keeps me hooked.
  • VÉRITÉ - When You're Gone - Another banger from my girl. She just announced a new album and has done this amazing thing where her album isn't just a mix of her EP stuff plus maybe 2 or 3 new tracks. I love her and her music. Do yourself a favour and have a listen!
  • Wayfarers - Kings - A fun party starter, this jammer is courtesy of the west coast duo Wayfarers. Not only are her vocals super good with a great hook, the song is also just super damn catchy and chair dance-y. I've definitely rocked out with headphones on to this tune.
  • Fickle Friends - Hello Hello - The newest from these English pop masters is awesome. I've featured them before and their new track is also fantastic, particularly the chorus and the melody. "Still I'm with ya // can I have the boy I wanted? // Hello, hello" there's something about the lyrics that I really like as well, check 'em out here.
  • Neon Indian - The Glitzy Hive - I've been flirting with this whole vapourwave thing on Spotify and through a few other playlists and some of it is cool, but other stuff just isn't me. Neon Indian has a sound that some classify as "vapourwave" and I absolutely love their latest album. This track's a gem, and I'm sure you'll like it.
  • DYLYN - Mimosa - Just a fun little track about not being so damn serious. Have a listen, dance around, and maybe have a mimosa. ;)
  • SNOW CULTURE - No Sleep - Feel the pulse, dance with it, and enjoy the slick vocals. This song builds up and grew on me a lot. There's just something about how it all comes together that I super dig. The arpegios and the guitar stuff, I can't get enough.
  • Death Team - Work - I feel like we've all been here, and I really like the song. Work, we all do it. I mean, luckily, I like my job so I can only identify with this song when there are some tasks I have to just grind through. But we've all been there whether in work or personal life (hello, hello laundry...) Gotta do your work.
  • Astrid S - Breathe - Astrid S had a few hits last year and here she is again rockin' the charts with her new tunes. Feels like she's gearing up for a bigger release and maybe a tour, as this is one of two she recently put out (her newer one, Bloodstreams, is also very good). Check her out!
  • Frances, RITUAL - When It Comes To Us - This duet is really great. I think it's a fantastic combination of both of the artists' styles. I love Frances, and I think this song really puts her in her element with a backing track that's a bit more dance-y than her normal style. Not to say she hasn't tried this sound before, I just like the way she pulls it off and really like it.