January 2017 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by yours truly.

Photo by yours truly.

New year, new thing... right? Or not. I'm pretty happy with what I've got going on. Perhaps you missed it, but I've revamped the site to also feature some pictures. cool, right? Yeah, of course!

Like what you hear? Check out my Spotify! Come listen along.

Here are the highlights from this month's list. If you have time, give the whole list a listen, and hopefully you'll find more songs you like!

  • B.Miles - Running - A groovy tune that I just love moving to. It's got really slick vocals that are airy and floaty (throwback to an imo 2015 sound), but really enjoyable. I especially like the chorus.
  • VÉRITÉ - Phase Me Out - Musical bae has a new track out and of course I'm gunna put it on here. It's a bit of a different sound, but I really like it and I'm sure you will to! She's hinting at a new EP, so keep your ears peeled for it!
  • R3hab & VÉRITÉ - Trouble - Have you figured out that I am a huge Kelsey fan boy? This one's a bit more dance-y but I'm super into it as well.
  • Skott - Glitter & Gloss - I love the atmosphere on this track. It feels like an epic and I really love the melody. Skott's got a lot of range and she takes advantage of it here. It's a bit more of an electrified sound, but reminds me a lot of her great tune "Porcelain" (which you can listen to here!).
  • Busty & the Bass - Up Top - Nu disco is my jam, for real. This song is amazing. I just know you won't be able to resist moving and dancing.