September 2016 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  WDnet Studio .

Photo by WDnet Studio.

Another list for your perusal as the fall starts coming around the corner. I hope you find a few tunes to listen to! I've finally settled on the fact that Spotify rocks, and I've updated my profile so it's easier to find ---> Check out my profile!

Here are the highlights from this month's list. If you have time, give the whole list a listen, and hopefully you'll find more songs you like!

  • Say Lou Lou - Stayin' Alive - So, I have to admit I love this song. Say Lou Lou's cover of this classic BeeGees tune hits all the right notes. For some reason, I associate this song with the opening scene of Bushwacked - there's just something about the way the guy is walking around while this song is playing that fits. Anyway... a great cover.
  • Carly Rae Jepsen - Higher - A stunning track from Carly's new EMOTION B-Side EP, I just love the synth and the way the production comes together. It's also got a great chorus.
  • VÉRITÉ - Somebody Else - Another fantastic cover, this time by indie pop queen VÉRITÉ giving a new verion of The 1975's track Somebody Else - while I love the original track as well, I am absolutely head over heels about her take.
  • Elohim - Hallucinating - Speaking of pop queens, Elohim's newest track is fantastic. It starts off with a great, shimmery pop vibe and masterfully ascends (descends?) into a full out a cocophany of sound - horns and strings included. It's such a wonderful flourish.
  • Zuzu - Get Off - I don't usually enjoy punk-ish pop, but the way this song comes together, with a really catchy chorus, was one I knew I'd include in my highlights the moment I heard it. I guess it helps that Zuzu's single follows Margaret Glaspy's lead from last month in terms of sounds I enjoy,
  • Anderson .Paak - Heart Don't Stand a Change - What a chill track. Really gets my chair dancing going and speaks to the part of me that loves to relax to some jazz. This is one of Anderon .Paak's bigger tunes right now, and his album Malibu is really great!
  • Red Rosamond - Looks Can Kill - A bit of a groover, I just love the concept of this song. Badass female spy? This would be her theme song, without a doubt.
  • GOLDHOUSE - Pleasure (feat. Alexx Mack) - This tune is right up my alley in a lot of ways; if you've been following my lists for a bit, you'll know I absolutely love this kind of nu-disco sound. Let's just say this song rings my bell.