August 2016 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  Zack Minor .

Photo by Zack Minor.

This list is a tad late (as usual, it seems...) but this month has been a great one for music. I hope you enjoy this list, as I enoyed putting it together!

Just a note, I'll likely just stick with Spotify from here on out, as it's what I am really using. I still use SoundCloud, but not as actively as Spotify. Check out my profile!

As always, here are the top picks for this month's list, though give it a listen because I think I'd write about all of these songs:

  • Laura Roy - Don't Chase - I saw Laura perform in Toronto a year or so ago now, and she's got a new self-titled EP out, and this track is definitley my favourite.
  • Scavenger Hunt - River Runs Dry - These guys still rock my heart every time; hailing from LA, Scavenger Hunt specializes in what they call "nostalgia pop" - and I dig it. It all just comes together so well.
  • Skott - Wolf - A second entry by Skott, I featured her song "Porcelain" last month; and this follow-up is similarly stunning. Her voice floats above a fairly sparse production that really draws out the beautiful melody. Definitley worth a listen!
  • The Strike - Eye for an Eye - I'm a bit of a sucker for the 80's drum and synth sound; and this song definitely fits the bill. This song will definitley make you want to move; even if the lyrics are a little dark.
  • Mac Miller & Anderson .Paak - Dang! - There is really only one word for this song: mood. It's so chill and just keeps building on the smooth, light vibe. As soon as the horns come in when Mac Miller takes over, it's just great.
  • Margaret Glaspy - You and I - This song is a little bit out of my wheelhouse of electro-pop, but when I heard the intro I just fell in love. There's just something about how all the elements come together that I really enjoy. I also love the lyrics, so there's that.
  • Viceroy & Gavin Turek - Fadeout - A great tune in a number of ways, I really dig the guitar and the beat that keeps this tune driving. It really makes you want to move.

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