July 2016 / by Simmon Li

This list is super late, because I've just been so gosh darn busy! Moving, starting a new gig, and all these sorts of things. I hope you enjoy, this is certainly one my favourite lists I've compiled!

Just a note, I'll likely just stick with Spotify from here on out, as it's what I am really using. I still use SoundCloud, but not as actively as Spotify. Check out my profile!

As always, here are the top picks for this month's list, though give it a listen because I think I'd write about all of these songs:

  • INGRID - Flex - This is not usually what I put into my lists, but man it's just such a good vibe.
  • Mashrou' Leila - Djin - A bit of a throwback to my summer of 2012 when I was learning Arabic. This band came to play for Pride Toronto, and it was fantastic.
  • P'ARIS - Focus - This tune by a mystery Canadian duo is just so good. The lyrics are a bit dark; and tell the story of a couple going through a hardship.
  • Hey Marseilles - Trouble - This "baroque pop" group has some really good stuff, I just love the way the instrumentation comes together to tell a really interesting story.
  • Men I Trust - Lauren - Not going to lie, the thing that hooked me about this tune was that bass intro. It's just so good, not only in the beginning but throughout.
  • RÉN - Into the Unknown - This song really grabbed me initially because of the beat and her voice, but as I listened more, I really started to enjoy the lyrics as well. Into the unknown, where everything is strange. You have to be fearless, because everything is strange until you spend some time with it.
  • Skott - Porcelain - A soaring voice on top of a really laid back harmonic blanket. It's just stunning the way she sings over the entirety of the tune.