May 2016 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  Samuel Zeller .

Photo by Samuel Zeller.

Man spring/summer is upon us (feels like I'm trying to sell you clothes, but I'm not - I swear!) and I am excited for all the music that there is to listen to. This playlist has a few slight departures from my regular indie/alt/electro sound, but it's funky so I think you'll like it none the less.

Here are some tracks I really, really like from the set if you want just a peek:

  • Miracle by The Darcys dropped and if you were waiting for a summer anthem, here it is. This track hooked me immediately it's just damn catchy. The track is a bit of a departure for the band, but they really knocked it out of the park.
  • Out of Time by Skogsrå is a carefree rager with a really funky feel and a great breakdown leading into the chorus; I'd drive a million miles listening to this song.
  • Your Girl by Violet Days - here's something about the way the song feels and how it all comes together that really speaks to me. It features a great vocal track and the sentiment of the track that makes me fall in love. Over all, really well put together.
  • The Last Thing by Sawyer has a great little chorus with some really awesome guitar. The song sounds super cute, but the lyrics are kind of sad and that combo really elevates the song for me. "Cause it would be easy if you were easier to hate..." Amen.
  • Diamond Days by Cruel Youth features that big voice again. You may remember I featured Cruel Youth last month as well, saying I fell in love with the big voice of Teddy Sinclair. Lucky me, Cruel Youth has an EP coming up...
  • Gesture by VÉRITÉ is the newest from my bae (yea, I said it). The track is comparatively bare to her other stuff but that just means you can really hear Kelsey rock it. Amazing as always.
  • Back Pocket by Vulfpeck is so damn funky, how could you not love it instantly? Just listen and get hooked; that chorus is simple but so catchy.
  • Break Over You (feat. Prides) by Draper is on this list because it features Prides, one of the bands I love and keep an ear on. This track just features all the synthy goodness that makes me love them, definitely worth a listen.
  • Work by Charlotte Day Wilson is a slow groove, almost hymnal in its atmosphere which is why I really like it. The 6/8 feel really draws you in and preaches.
  • Destiny by ProleteR is some of that electrofunk stuff that I just absolutely love right now. It's got a bit of a slower groove, but the soul just lifs listening to this track.