April 2016 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  Markus Spiske .

Photo by Markus Spiske.

After a long winter hiatus, I'm back with a playlist for you! This one's got a lot of synthy sounds with big vocals and a few surprises too. I hope you enjoy!

As always, here are some highlights:

  • The New Original by wayfarers - if in every playlist I put together, there's a party anthem, this is it for this month. A bright melody, good beat, and great vocals all combine into a great feelgood tune.
  • Love as a Weapon by Little Scream hooked me with the vocals, which immediately brought me back to when I was 11 and listening to the BeeGees. The song sits in a little Motown pocket for me and I'm not going to lie; I love it.
  • BBBlue by Olivver the Kid has a driving background with some amazing vocals which make this track something really neat. The slow groove definitely makes for a really good driving tune. I love this song for the same reason I loved Taylor Swift's "Style" - it's just got a great groove.
  • Tryna Be by ROMES has such a good build up that is very satisfying to listen to, I just had to draw attention to it, because it's just that good. ROMES also happen to be a Toronto band, so that's cool.
  • Feel Good by Satin Jackets Feat. Scavenger Hunt is an airy track featuring one of my favourites, Scavenger Hunt. Everything works together like a nice mojito on a hot day. Here's looking forward to the summer!
  • Better With You by Lenno & Bee's Knees is a gem of a track featuring three artists that are pretty much on fire on their own: so this track is just too darn good. It's just got such a good funky vibe, worth a spin!
  • Mr. Watson by Cruel Youth is so good. There is so much in this track, but most of all it's the big voice that I immediately fell in love.
  • Underdressed by VÉRITÉ is hot off the presses! New stuff from VÉRITÉ is always a hit, and this track is no exception. This one feels a bit more stripped off the start than her other stuff, but it builds up to something really stunning.
  • Infinite High (Bee's Knees Remix) by Panama Wedding is another "Oh god this is so good because it mixes two awesome things together" - Panama Wedding has been a favourite since last year; add in a helping of Bee's Knees...
  • Sweet Emotions by LEFT BOY hits a lot of right notes for me, from the groove to the vocals to the production. I just love the way the song comes together.