November 2016 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  Michal Jarmoluk .

Photo by Michal Jarmoluk.

November has been weird so far and has been quite the month in a very strange year. Here's to hoping some music will help you usher the rest of this year along! Like what you hear? Check out my Spotify! Come listen along.

Here are the highlights from this month's list. If you have time, give the whole list a listen, and hopefully you'll find more songs you like!

  • Common, Bilal - Letter to the Free - Given recent events, this song has been definitely one that I have really graviated towards. It's a very powerful song that really, really reflects a mood that underpins a lot of people. Just a powerful song for the moment.
  • Kendrick Lamar - untilted 05 | 09.21.2014 - I love this album so much, and this track because it reminds me that music can be fun. I love the backing so much, because it brings me back to jazz school and it's so cool to hear this kind of stuff outside of that school environment. Definitely a personally powerful peice.
  • Childish Gambino - Redbone - This tune is so singable and I just absolutely love the slowjam that it is. Makes me chair dance for sure!
  • The Shacks - This Strange Effect - The Shacks make this great cover of a song by The Kinks. While the original is good, I really like the comparatively up-tempo take.
  • Anna Straker - Serious - This is a great jammer, and one of her best so far. I've followed Anna Straker since I first heard her this summer, and Serious is the title track off her EP that includes a few of her other tunes (Late Night Swimming, I featured a few months ago).
  • Young Summer - Heart In Slo Mo - I super dig the synths in this tune and her voice. This is a number from her latest EP "You Would Have Loved It Here" - the song has some really great lyrics. A really well put together song, and one I am sure you'll like.
  • NxWorries - Suede - One of my favourite tracks off Yes Lawd! - he's just so talented and even though realistically on the track, he's likely not doing the kit while singing, I've seen .Paak do it and it just impresses me everytime.
  • Geowulf - Saltwater - This is a bit of a groover and I really like the vibe. It's a song about the sea, which is kind of funny for me, as I have no memories or moments in my life associated with large bodies of water. Nonetheless, a great tune!
  • Vera Blue - Settle - A great, airy tune about something very important. Don't settle, and remember all the things you've done!