October 2016 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  Ezra Jeffery .

Photo by Ezra Jeffery.

It's been a super warm October, and I think all the trees are confused af. Anyway, here's another list for your ears! I hope you find a few tunes to listen to. Just another plug for my Spotify! Come listen along.

Here are the highlights from this month's list. If you have time, give the whole list a listen, and hopefully you'll find more songs you like!

  • Stalking Gia - Young Diana (feat. Deion Gill) - The tune just has such a great hook that starts off right from the top. I really love the rift that the song is based on, and Gia's voice really makes it easy to listen to. I loved her track Second Nature, and this is a great follow-up!
  • Maad - 90's Love - This groover of a tune just gets better and better as it plods along. It's a bit of a slow burn, but it constantly delivers thanks to the great drum and bass. "Damn, they don't make 'em like this no more." The chorus is just golden.
  • Babygirl - Everything's Happening Without Me - A hometown (Toronto for those that might not know) talent, I was really excited to learn that they just put out an EP. Their single, Overbored, didn't really speak to me, but this tune did as I really like the lyrics.
  • Alex Wiley - iNEEDTHAT (feat. Hippie Sabotage) - Great hip hop track that caught my attention as soon as I put it on. He sounds a little bit like Kanye to my ear, and I really like his flow. The production is also really good and the track comes together really well.
  • VHS Collection - Ghost - Sometimes I go on musical discovery journies (usually at odd hours of the day) and something catches my attention. Do you ever see an album or EP cover and you just know it's something you have to listen to? That's what happened with this song. I saw the cover and knew I had to at least give the album, called Stereo Hype a chance. The whole darn thing is good, but Ghost is definitely the most single-worthy in my opinion.
  • Agnes Obel - Stretch Your Eyes - I really dug this tune off the bat. It's such a perfect mix of orchestral soundscapes with captivating pop sensibilities. It also doesn't hurt that Agnes has an amazing voice that just absolutely captures your attention. A great find from NPR's All Songs Considered.
  • Phantogram - You're Mine - Ever since VÉRITÉ put Phantogram on her "good shit" playlist, I've been eating up all the stuff they've put out. I love their new sound and it's definitely captivating enough to be worth highlighting. Another track to check out (but not on this month's list) from the same album: Same Old Blues
  • Royal Teeth - Amateurs - Hey, this song is fun and has a great message. Put it on, dance, and be inspired. We were all amateures at one point!