September 2015 / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  Aaron Burden .

Photo by Aaron Burden.

It's been a heck of a ride, so I'm sorry about the lateness of this playlist. Nonetheless, as Toronto seems to move in fits and stops towards fall, here's another playlist in anticipation of those falling leaves.

Here are some of my highlights from the list if that's your thing:

  • Lion's Heart by Eliza and the Bear is an upbeat jammer, very much reminds me of some Of Monsters and Men songs. Definitely one to hop around your apartment to while you clean.
  • Nobody Cares by LÉON is the second time LÉON's on my lists. This one's got an amazing build off the top and just amps you up in all the right ways.
  • Shakedown by Equal feat. Seja has an opening hook that grabs me right away and reminds me a lot of disco. Great groove and a super interesting melody. All around a ton of fun.
  • 2 AM by Astrid S is ambient, with a great beat; this song's build takes you on an amazing journey.
  • Arrow by Stonefox is a tune by an amazing act out of Austrialia. This stripped down track features great voices and an awesome melody.
  • Everyday by Diane Coffee is a great groover. What an amazing voice... Be sure to check this one out! The chorus is something else. Spoilers: there's organ.
  • More Than You (Madeaux Remix) by Class Actress is a great remix of a super good track. Can't find the original mix without resorting to being skeevy, so just trust me when I say the original is a stunner of a track as well.
  • New Bohemia by Transviolet opens with a beat and melody, just makes you want to move right away and has an amazing build into something anthemic.
  • Don't You Wait by Cloves is simple and compelling. Cloves has an amazing voice and this melody showcases it very well.
  • Forget You in LA by poema is the second time I've featured poema, but I just can't escape the West Coast chill. Check it out!