The Dø at the Smiling Buddha / by Simmon Li

 Photo by me!

Photo by me!

Last week, I went to catch The Dø at Toronto's Smiling Buddha. My friend Sharon had featured them on her blog and I was convinced that I had to see them. The band is a duo consisting of Olivia Merilahti and Dan Levy, and they got their start in Paris. Their newest album Shake, Shook, Shaken was released late last year and they're currently on tour for it. A great pop sound with a lot of layers, this is a duo you certainly want to check out!

I showed up to the venue literally right as they started playing, and was happy (and unhappy) to see the room full. The band got started shortly after and I was blown away. I have to admit, I had done my homework on this band before showing up to the show but I was just so captured buy them that I had to do a write up. The music they make is so singable. The melodies for the songs are all amazing and showcase Olivia's voice really well; it's just so wonderful to hear. Her voice is so silky. The band's music is also very engaging, from the really great grooves to the variations in tempo and style; there was a lot of love about the performance.

I absolutely loved the two encore pieces they did; they were such a different pace than the rest of the set (which, again, speaks to the amazing mix of tunes The Dø have on their latest album). THey were slower in tempo, and much more contemplative than the higher energy, driving set they gave moments earlier. Heavenly and unforgettable.

Check out one of their tune Trustful Hands below, and hit up their links for more information!

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