VÉRITÉ - Sentiment / by Simmon Li

So, I've had a musical crush on VÉRITÉ for a long time now, and you know that I just had to showcase her newest EP and the title track Sentiment. If you have not heard about her already, get in the loop! While Colors and Wasteland are not new, the EP's title track and another (Rearrange) are absolutely stunning.

Sentiment is just another jammer with great, airy harmony and soaring vocals, which is typical for VÉRITÉ. The groove on this tune is also out of this world and really helps to accentuate the lyrics and harmonic elements. There's such an energy in this song that is really well balanced by the lyrical content. Again, really great writing it's not wonder she's blowing up. In particular, I absolutely love the end of the first verse and the bridge. Just check this out:

Like bone cemented in sediment, I shut my eyes to find the sentiment

Wow. That line just captured me and took me along for the ride that is the chorus, which is another show of her talent. Don't take my word for it, listen and love for yourself!

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