Scavenger Hunt - Wildfire / by Simmon Li

 Photo by  Alexandr Pirogov .

Photo by Alexandr Pirogov.

This band from LA is so kickass. I saw them live last summer down in New York at Brooklyn Bowl for Neon Gold's Popshop series. (As a fun side note, if you look really really hard, you can see my face in their instagram shot below taken right at the end of the show!) I've forgotten now where I first heard Scavenger Hunt, but I know I fell in love with their debut, self-titled EP, in particular, I loved their track Dreamers and was so stoked to see them live. Needless to say, I've kept their tracks on my phone (my primary mobile listening device) for a year—still love it. Much to my delight, Scavenger Hunt released their new single Wildfire, and I have fallen in love all over again. I am sure you will too!

Our first tour: 33 days, 18 shows, shows, 6600 miles, 20 states, countless Walmart parking lots and one amazing adventure!

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While Scavenger Hunt's sound is reminicsent of 80's new wave, I think it's fair to say that there's also something pretty modern to it as well. It's close enough that you can describe it as an 80's esque sound, but it's not quite in the "oldies" box for sure. Wildfire does not disappoint with it's combination of drums, guitars and synth pads. The mix of old and new in their sound makes it easy to keep the track on repeat. That feeling exemplifies their music in general, really and Wildfire is another hit. I don't think I'm alone when I say that the track is one you can really get down to: it's got a great groove, a repeatable chorus and a stunning melody. Jill Lamoureux rocks the vocals (as she usually does) so hard. On top of the excellent production, the track has a really great balance of energy, the chorus really amps up while the verses are a little bit mellow. Leaves you wanting more; it really is stunning, to say the least. Have a listen for yourself below and I'm sure you'll fall in love with this band too!

Scavenger Hunt is currently not on tour, having been on one for about a year (they had a busy schedule!); but, if you get the chance to see them once they hit the road you totally should! Their new EP Wildfire will be out June 23!

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